My Lunchtime Wandering

Bay Village is a neighborhood right behind my office building. It’s a small area with quaint brownstones and brick sidewalks that you can’t help but notice as you pick your way over uneven surfaces that testify to time and trees that have interrupted a once meticulous laying.

Unassuming brownstones rise majestically along the walkways, proudly displaying decorative posies and American spirit.

Narrow spaces between buildings demand pause, and a desire to explore consumes. What’s down the path? A secret garden? An historic memorial? Or a simple entryway to someone’s home?


Little parks are around every corner – a few benches…unassuming but colorful landscaping…wrought iron fencing…a memorial plaque for a neighborhood hero – all make for a picturesque but welcoming space. I have to pinch myself to really believe this is where I live and I’m on my lunch break experiencing the beauty!

Since this is my first post, a bit about me: I moved to Boston from the DC area just two weeks ago today. My family (Mom and sister here in an ussie at a subway station) are in NC but helped me move and plan to visit frequently. Most of the pictures I take will be from my iPhone as I have it with me always and am not ashamed to be a tourist where I live!

I hope you enjoy this blog and if Boston Beckons to you, come visit me!


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